30 Days Wild - Day Fourteen - Do a wild drawing

By Martin Baker

Wild fun at Woodwalton Fen..

It’s a Monday morning in June, school is closed for a day, so what to do for the day? Emma wants to take her daddy off for an adventure, with obligatory picnic of course. So off we go for some wonderful, wild, fun at Woodwalton Fen national nature reserve, part of the Great Fen.

We arrive to find an empty Woodwalton Fen, we are the only two people there, all is still and serene. At the first crossroads on the main path to Rothchild’s bungalow the place springs into life as we disturb a Chinese water deer resting in the middle of the path. Emma follows it bounding off into the wild fen. We watch the dragonflies hawking over the ditches, listen to the cuckoos singing, and find any number of mini-beasts on the reeds, under fallen wood and buzzing around the still air.

After a couple of hours it is time for a picnic by the bungalow and a chance for Emma to sketch the creatures she has seen. The perfect way to have a fun exploration.

Emma shows off her sketches from a bench at Woodwalton Fen

Emma by Martin Baker

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Ways to go wild...

Do a wild sketch! Explore the wild world all around you by drawing something from nature. A daisy, a bumblebee, a ladybird - anything you can find and study close at hand. Try and draw from life, and not from a photograph, and use it as an opportunity to really look at something closely.

23 June

Nature sketching workshop at Old Sulehay

Capturing the essence of the season in a series of drawing exercises you will explore, line, colour, tone and mark-make with a range of exciting materials and under the expert guidance of artists Maxine Greer and Jane Hindmarch

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Events during June for 30 Days Wild...

We've got loads going on all through June to help you go wild in our three counties. Visit our calendar for a full list of events.