30 Days Wild - Day Nine - Plant for wildlife

Laura Downton

Some tips for what to plant to get the bees humming...

Bees abuzz in Laura Downton's garden for 30 Days Wild

A huge benefit of my job at the Wildlife Trust is I can spend every waking hour in the presence of wildlife and today is no exception – but by evening I am sitting in my garden listening to the musical symphony coming from the insects that have come to feed in my wildlife garden. And this is something anyone can create if they have even a little bit of space to play with.

Last year, my husband and I spent about 10 days turning our uninspiring garden into a wildlife haven, planting nectar rich plants and digging out a pond, and this year, we have been reaping the benefits. The plants have doubled in size and so have the number of insects, birds, amphibians and mammals visiting here. Our catmint (Nepeta species) flowers throughout the summer and is definitely the most popular plant in my garden (though cats do also love it!). I would also recommend salvias and knapweeds, insects absolutely love them and they flower for a long time.

So come the evening, I can put my feet up, close my eyes and relax listening to their song. Just look how busy they all are on the catmint!

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Ways to go wild...

Plant a wildflower patch, as big or as small as your space allows. It's great for bees and butterflies and other insects, and will also look beautiful! Here's a little guide about what to plant for year-round nectar.