30 Days Wild - Day Seven - Hiding

Ben Atkinson

A new spot from which to watch the wildlife...

As a reserves officer for the Wildlife Trust I am really lucky to spend most of my time outdoors in places teeming with wildlife. One of my favorite places to work is a small area of Grafham Water known as Savages Creek. The gradual bend in the creek means you can no longer see the great expanse of the reservoir and creates a calmer, more secluded atmosphere. It’s a beautiful, tranquil spot where water, woodland and wildflowers meet.

In recent weeks I’ve enjoyed spending lots of time here with our wonderful mid-week volunteers. We’ve been extremely busy constructing a new bird hide on the edge of the water. It looks amazing and gives you great views. It’s been a challenging project but well worth the effort, a massive thank you to everyone involved!

Now is a great time to visit the new hide, with fluffy little ducklings exploring their new surroundings, red kites soaring overhead and swallows effortlessly swooping down to pick insects out of the air, you may even be lucky enough to spot the kingfisher using the calmer waters in the creek to hunt in. If that wasn’t enough, four highland cows, with their shaggy coats and impressive horns, are grazing the surrounding grasslands.

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Visit a hide and see what you can find! There are hides in many of our nature reserves. Sit quietly in one with some binoculars to hand and see what you can see.

And if you want to go even wilder... join us for a guided walk of Savages at Grafham Water with Hunts Local Group on Saturday 9 June - a great way to find out more about this wonderful part of Cambridgeshire

Events during June for 30 Days Wild...

We've got loads going on all through June to help you go wild in our three counties. Visit our calendar for a full list of events.