We run schools and community activities in Peterborough to get closer to wildlife.

Peterborough Nature

Delicate orchids dot the wildflower-rich meadows as graceful butterflies flutter through the pastures feeding on nectar.

Red kites and buzzards soar over-head and, as dusk falls, families of badgers snuffle their way out of their setts to feed whilst male great created newts find their way back to their ponds to display for the attention of passing females.

This is Peterborough’s nature – a place that people can enjoy and where wildlife can thrive. Across ten nature reserves, from ancient meadows and woodlands through lakes and old clay pits to relic fen provide habitats and havens for local wildlife.

See lapping open waters with majestic swans, with tall waving reeds filled with warblers. Enjoy open grasslands with a variety of orchids and fragrant wild herbs, and thorny scrub with singing warblers and wintering thrushes. Visit ancient bluebell woods dominated by majestic oak and ash trees with their purple carpets.


Through our Peterborough team you can enjoy close contact with wildlife on our superb reserves and get involved in exciting, challenging and inspiring wildlife experiences.

If this is your first contact with us, you may like to come along to a family event or illustrated talk, or take advantage of our outreach programmes for community groups including schools. 

If you’d like to be more involved there are numerous volunteering opportunities, along with advice and guidance on protecting and encouraging wildlife in your local area, whether it may be on farmland, in school grounds, community greenspaces or private gardens.

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