Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of the Wildlife Trust and helps young people discover nature

Wildlife Watch is the UK’s leading wildlife club for young people. It gives them the chance to discover the wildlife that lives in their local area and helps them to explore the natural world.

Become a member

There are so many good things about becoming a Wildlife Watch member – you'll be sent your own Wildlife Watcher’s handbook, a monthly e-newsletter full of wild ideas and nature spotting tips, and four brilliant Wildlife Watch magazines and free posters. Find out more about Wildlife Watch membership.

Join a Watch local group

We have 20 fantastic Wildlife Watch groups for all ages. Many of our groups have won awards for their quality. All young people are welcome to join in the wonderful activities that go on every month at our Watch meetings.
Find your nearest Wildlife Watch local group.

Become a School member

By joining as a school member, teachers will receive resources designed to help them create opportunities for their pupils to experience inspiring outdoor learning. In addition, by becoming a School Watch member, our staff will help you set up a Wildlife Watch group in your school and provide on-going support. Find out more about becoming a school member.

Volunteer as a Watch leader

Our Watch groups are run by an amazing group of over 100 dedicated volunteers. If you have the skills to help young people find out more about wildlife and discover their local environment we would like to hear from you. Find out more about becoming a Wildlife Watch leader.