List of reserves and information about visiting our reserves

Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire

Arlesey Old Moat and Glebe Meadows

Arthur's Meadow

Abington Meadows

Barton Gravel Pit


Barford Wood and Meadows

Begwary Brook

Buff Wood

Barnes Meadow

Blow’s Downs

Brampton Wood

Boddington Meadow

Cooper’s Hill


Bradlaugh Fields

Cople Pits

Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits

Bugbrooke Meadow

Cut-throat Meadow

Chettisham Meadow

Byfield Pool

Dropshort Marsh

Dogsthorpe Star Pit

Collyweston Quarries

Fancott Woods and Meadows

Doghouse Grove

Ditchford Lakes and Meadows

Felmersham Gravel Pits


Duston Mill Meadow

Flitwick Moor

Fordham Woods


King’s Wood and Rammamere Heath

Fulbourn Fen

Finedon Cally Banks

Lancot Meadow

Gamlingay Cinques

Glapthorn Cow Pastures

Landpark Wood

Gamlingay Wood

Grafton Regis Meadow

Old Warden Tunnel

Gamsey Wood

Great Oakley Meadow

Pavenham Osier Beds

Grafham Water

Harlestone Heath

Pegsdon Hills and Hoo Bit

Great Fen

High Wood and Meadow

The Riddy


Higham Ferrers Pits


Hayley Wood

Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows

Sewell Cutting

Hardwick Wood

King’s Wood

Sharnbrook Summit

Houghton Meadows

Kingsthorpe Meadow


Lady’s Wood


Wymington Meadow


Mill Crook


Lower Wood

Old Sulehay


Norwood Road

Pitsford  Nature Reserve 


Ouse Washes

The Plens


Overhall Grove

Ramsden Corner


Pingle Cutting

Rothwell Gullet


Raveley Wood

Short and Southwick Woods


Roswell Pits

Southfield Farm Marsh


Shepherd’s Close

Stoke Bruerne Brick Pits


Shepreth Moor

Stoke Wood End Quarter


Skaters' Meadow

Storton’s Pits


Soham Meadows

Summer Leys


Southorpe Meadow

Tailby Meadow


Southorpe Paddock



Stanground Newt Ponds

Twywell Hill and Dales


Stanground Wash

Wicksteed Park


Thorpe Wood

Wilson’s Pits


Trumpington Meadows

Woodford Halse


Upwood Meadows



Wansford and Standen’s Pasture



Waresley and Gransden Woods


Wistow Wood


Woodwalton Marsh

  Woodston Ponds