Nene Wetlands Appeal

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Be part of the journey through the Nene Wetlands

You may have read about our ground-breaking project, connecting seven wildlife sites into a one square mile nature reserve, becoming one of the finest nature reserves in Northamptonshire. The Nene Wetlands will sit at the heart of the Nene Valley Living Landscape – an area that rises in the west of Northamptonshire and extends the length of the county before flowing through Peterborough then out to the Wash.

Our vision is gathering pace and later this year, an important piece of the Nene Wetlands jigsaw slots into place; our first ever visitor centre, at Rushden Lakes. It will be part of the new retail development and includes taking on the management of land that links together the Trust’s existing nature reserves with three new sites.

Extending and expanding this wildlife corridor will benefit the large populations of breeding and overwintering birds which visit the area and making it one of Europe’s premier locations to enjoy this spectacle. Generations of local people will be able to get closer to nature and enjoy the area more than ever before via new footpaths, cycleways and interpretation.

As a loyal member of The Wildlife Trust in Northamptonshire, we invite you to be part of this journey.

Since we launched this appeal over 20 members have supported it, and we've raised almost £4,000 - which is a great start. However, there are still some opportunities left, which is why I'm writing today. We are offering you the opportunity to add your name to new materials being installed across the Nene Wetlands, including a new bird hide or interpretation panels – which will let visitors know about our vision and the wildlife that calls this place home.

These opportunities are summarised in the table below, and I hope you may consider supporting as an individual, a family, a local business, in memory of a loved one, or to celebrate a special occasion.

What we need The total cost Your opportunity Number still available
A new Bird Hide at one of our prime locations in the Nene Wetlands. £5,000*

A suggested donation of £100 will help build a new hide, where visitors will be able to enjoy stunning views across one of the lakes.

Your name will be listed within the hide on a ‘supporter panel’, recognising your generous support.

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Two Special Journey Panels at key locations in the Nene Wetlands. £2,400

A suggested donation of £200 will help create and install two panels in custom-made wooden cabinets; these will tell visitors about the importance of the reserve, and the role it plays in the Nene Valley Living Landscape. Each panel costs £1,200 to produce.

Your support will be recognised on a special plaque on a panel.

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Two Welcome Boards at selected entrances to the reserve. £1,800

A suggested donation of £300 will help create and install two special boards, each costing £900; these will provide visitors with information about the history of the area and its wildlife.

Your support will be recognised on a welcome board.

(of 6)

*A new Bird Hide is subject to raising this total cost

If you can support this unique project, you’ll be playing an important role in the history of the Nene Wetlands, and helping to inspire more people about nature in the area – as well as having your name on an interpretation panel or in a new bird hide.

And, as a thank you, you’ll be invited to a special event held at our new visitor centre at Rushden Lakes on Wednesday 26th July (before it officially opens) – which will include a drinks reception and guided walk around some of the site.

I hope you will choose to support us today – this is your chance to be part of the journey of the Nene Wetlands.

You can also donate by credit/debit card or cheque just contact Ryan Cullum...

  • by phone on 01954 713553
  • by email at
  • by post to The Wildlife Trust BCN, The Manor House, Broad Street, Great Cambourne, Cambridgeshire, CB23 6DH.

Thank you!

Some part/all of your donations could be used to make a Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment to a landfill operator to secure a grant through the Landfill Communities Fund.