Woodland Appeal

Lady's Wood BluebellsLady's Wood Bluebells

Help us protect woodlands across our three counties this spring

Woodlands provide some of the most important wildlife habitat, home to many rare and important species. They are magical places to be in and walk around, especially in the spring when carpets of wildflowers fill the senses with colour and fragrance. Bluebells transform our ancient woodlands at this time of year creating a carpet of intense blue under the opening tree canopy which is one of our greatest woodland spectacles.

We need to carry out careful management across our woodland reserves; if we don’t they will lose the diversity of precious species and habitat that are present. For instance, many species of insects such as butterflies require open conditions and thrive in recently coppiced areas, flower rich rides and glades, and will be lost forever if a woodland becomes dark with a closed canopy. The work we can do with your support includes cutting back new growth from paths and rides, mowing the rides, clearing of ditching, coppicing and monitoring & research.

A gift of £25 could help make a real difference

By supporting our work today, you will help us protect our magnificent woodlands, preventing loss and safeguarding their future.

You can also give...

  • By phone using a credit/debit card by calling 01954 713543
  • By post by sending a cheque made payable to 'The Wildlife Trust BCN' and send it to us at The Manor House, Broad St, Great Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6DH.

Thank you!

Some part/all of your donations could be used to make a Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment to a landfill operator to secure a grant through the Landfill Communities Fund.