Great Fen Monitor


Great Fen,

Great Fen,
Near Huntingdon,
Peterborough and Ramsey,
This exciting voluntary placement is a unique opportunity to join the Great Fen restoration team as a monitor of wildlife (birds etc), and is ideal for someone wanting to benefit from the development and application of skills learnt as part of regular, long-term volunteering.

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Any Day

Contact details

Henry Stanier, Great Fen Monitoring & Research Officer, The Countryside Centre, Chapel Road, Ramsey Heights, Cambridgeshire PE26 2RS.

In this case we are looking for volunteers with bird species identification skills, to monitor breeding and wintering birds in the Great Fen. You will gain knowledge and experience in a wide range of survey and monitoring activities through the seasons in the Great Fen, a landscape-scale ‘wetland of the future’. The Great Fen is one of the most important habitat restoration projects in Europe, and is diverse in wildlife and wildlife habitats.

You will have opportunities to be involved in a range of restoration survey and monitoring projects, such as bird ringing, breeding and wintering bird surveys, raptor counts, as well as surveying for butterflies and dragonflies, aquatic invertebrates, bats, water voles, aquatic and terrestrial plants. You will also be able to assist with community engagement activities, including public weekday and weekend events.

You will be trained in a variety of skills, and able to attend a range of internal and public training courses for free, including species identification. See attached ‘Great Fen Monitor role’ for more details. Please completed the volunteer application form and send to Henry Stanier, Great Fen Monitoring & Research Officer.