Wildlife Travel

Wildlife Travel

Wildlife Travel - more than just a wildlife holiday

Based at our Cambourne office, Wildlife Travel was set up in 1988 to raise funds for nature conservation through the Wildlife Trusts. They believe there is much more to a wildlife holiday than the list of species seen. Supporting conservation and showing travellers the whole world of wildlife, during an easy but comprehensive natural history holiday are guiding principles when planning their trips. All profits are donated to the Wildlife Trusts and every holiday is designed to support nature conservation at the destination.


We run a programme of around 20 group holidays each year to the UK, Europe and worldwide, incorporating historical, cultural and conservation aspects of the areas visited, as well as wildlife watching. Specialist local guides and experienced UK leaders, often with links to the Wildlife Trusts, ensure that everyone gets the most out of their holiday.


The programme changes each year, but regular destinations include the Isles of Scilly and Mull, the wildflower-rich Burren in Ireland, the French pre-Alps by train, Cyprus for its spring orchids and the midnight sun of Iceland. Further afield, worldwide holiday destinations range from Iceland to New Zealand, Costa Rica to Namibia. So whether it's the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Island, the rich birdlife of the Romanian Danube Delta, the beautiful wild flowers of the Mediterranean or the natural history of Britain's coats and islands, join Wildlife Travel to discover a new world.

All profits are donated to the Wildlife Trusts.

For more information  please contact Wildlife Travel on 01954 713575 or email wildlifetravel@wildlifebcn.org or visit the website