A sheltered ancient woodland with a spectacular array of spring flowers

Buff Wood is one of the richest boulder-clay woodlands in Cambridgeshire, with a highly impressive show of wildflowers, and considerable ecological diversity. This stems in part from the variation in wetness of soil across the site and from its unusually complicated management history over the centuries - in the past, some areas have been left completely unmanaged, whilst others were thinned or coppiced

Buff Wood has a traditional woodland structure and its many historic features (moats, ditches and banks, rides, ridge and furrow) increase the floral diversity still further. The wood is known for its oxlips and primroses, as well as a number of other uncommon species, such as green hellebore.

This site is part of the West Cambridgeshire Hundreds Living Landscape Scheme.


Please note that visitors are welcome at this site but a permit is required. To obtain a permit, please contact the Cambridgeshire Reserves manager with plenty of notice.


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16.00 hectares
Ancient Woodland
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
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West Cambridgeshire Hundreds
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