Our Vision - Partners

Our Vision


Flock of cranes - Nick Upton/2020VISION/naturepl.com

Effective partnerships

We will build strong and effective partnerships that benefit wildlife, the Wildlife Trust and others.

We will be a partner of choice through honest, reliable and trustworthy behaviour. 

We will choose partnerships that achieve the greatest mutual benefit for us, our partners and for local wildlife.

Working with partners will increase our influence, expand the scope of our work, challenge thinking and bring fresh ideas.

Most of our partnerships are effective; those that are not, we will end amicably.

Great Fen

Our vision for the Great Fen is truly ambitious. We are creating a vast new wetland (3,700 hectares or 14 square miles) between Huntingdon and Peterborough, enfolding and linking two precious remnants of fenland ecology, Woodwalton Fen National Nature Reserve (NNR) and Holme Fen NNR. This will be a thriving Living Landscape for wildlife and people. Since 2001 we have brought more than half of our target area under conservation management, and wildlife is moving into restored areas such as Ryme's Reedbed and Kester's Docking. 

At the heart of this success are strong and resilient partnerships. We work on projects with the Environment Agency, Huntingdonshire District Council, the Middle Level Commissioners and Natural England to turn the vision into a reality, each partner bringing skills and expertise. 

In total we have secured more than £9 million in Heritage Lottery funding - their £7.2 million grant to us in 2008 was the largest ever for a nature conservation project.

Aerial image of Woodwalton Fen