Getting Back on Track

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Old Sulehay Henry StanierOld Sulehay Henry Stanier

A grant of £15,000 from the Augean Community Fund is allowing necessary restoration work to take place at Old Sulehay nature reserve, Northamptonshire


Old Sulehay is a picturesque patchwork of limestone quarries, grassland, woodland and wetland - the disused quarries provide a valuable wildlife habitat. Many of the wildflowers found here are rare in Northamptonshire and they attract a wide range of butterflies - grizzled skippers can be seen in May, while glow-worms are active in June in the longer grass. The recent grant funding via the Augean Community Fund permits restoration of the currently degraded track at Old Sulehay which will greatly improve access to the Field Station, and once completed will mean that new interpretation panels to inform visitors about the reserve and the wildlife can be installed.  


The reserve's areas of scrub support several bird species including whitethroat and bullfinch and the distinctive ringing laugh of the green woodpecker can be heard in summer. Great and lesser spotted woodpeckers live in the woodland along with nuthatch and treecreeper. Invertebrates thrive in the sun-warmed paths and rides feeding on dogwood and bramble.