Discover and Learn

There are lots of ways to learn more about local nature with the Wildlife Trust. The activities below offer a variety of ways opportunities to learn more and experience wildlife first-hand.

You can also check out our events and volunteering pages.

Wildlife Watch Groups

Children can join one of our Wildlife Watch Groups to learn more about nature while having fun. Most groups are for children aged 8 to 12 but a few are specially for younger children or teenagers.

Education and Community

Education and community gro ups are welcome to pay us a visit - we have fun days out happening all year round. We also offer teacher-training at our Environmental Education Centres.

We provide help with turning an area in school grounds green, and will visit schools to talk about wildlife and conservation.

Local Groups

Local Groups are groups of Trust members who get together to enjoy walks and talks, help on our nature reserves, or fundraise and promote the Trust in their local area. They are a good way to meet new people with similar interests.

Ecology Groups

If you'd like to help us monitor wildlife on our nature reserves take a look at our  Ecology Groups pages.

Each group is a team of voluntary monitors who gather data about the bats, birds, insects and plants using the habitats on and around our nature reserves, so we can better manage them. 

Training Workshops

Our Training Workshops cater for those who want to learn in more depth about the wildlife of our three counties. There are also some practical conservation courses. All are led by enthusiastic trainers and usually combine indoor and outdoor sessions. 


Wildlife Travel

Wildlife Travel is a holiday company set up in 1988 to raise funds for nature conservation in the UK through the Wildlife Trusts. Based at our Cambourne office - it provides holidays based on good ecotourism principles and supports local wildlife conservation in the countries visited.