Creating a Wilder Future

Creating a Wilder Future

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Mitigating Climate Change

Climate change and nature loss are happening right now and they are the most serious threat to life on our planet. 

While this may seem overwhelming, the solutions are available and close to hand – if we drive forward the necessary changes to halt and reserve these emergencies.

Core to all climate change solutions is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and one of the main ways to stop climate change is to restore nature to absorb more carbon.

Woods are one of our chief allies in combating climate change. Trees lock up carbon as they grow, but carbon exchange also happens in the soil, which is why it is important to look after our existing woodlands as well as planting more trees.

UK woodlands cover approximately 13% of land area and are estimated to soak up around 21 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. That’s around a third of the carbon dioxide emitted by cars every year in the UK. Across our three counties, we have some wonderful examples of ancient woodland, including Hayley Wood, Brampton Wood and Gamlingay Wood.  To keep our woodlands in the best condition for wildlife and absorb carbon, they must be managed, which includes coppicing and maintaining rides, alongside regular monitoring of the species that depend on them.

While trees are the most well-known nature based solution for climate change, there are many more, including protecting and restoring peatlands.

At the Great Fen, as well as restoring arable farmland back to wetland, our partnership project is working to develop a model of agricultural production that inspires and changes farming practice on peat soils across the UK. This innovative approach to farming on peat soils will keep carbon locked in, improve water quality, transform the landscape and secure the future for people, soils and wildlife of the Fens. Focusing on sustainable wet farming, the ambitious project will help prevent soil erosion by locking in carbon.

The natural world is very good at cleaning up our emissions, but we need to look after it. Be part of nature’s recovery and make a vital contribution towards combatting climate change.  By supporting our work, you will not only protect vital habitats, creating homes for wildlife, but you are also contributing towards human wellbeing and prosperity.

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£50 buys 90 sphagnum moss plants

£100 helps towards woodland management

£250 pays for a full day of wet farmland planting

Creating a Wilder Future


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