Little owl by Jon Hawkins, Surrey Hills PhotographyLittle owl by Jon Hawkins, Surrey Hills Photography

We will become the conservation organisation that people want to support and to work for

Our internal values

  • Value, respect and listen to staff, voulnteers, members and supporters
  • Work as one organisation
  • Endorse and embrace partnerships, teamwork and cross-team working
  • Operate in an efficient and business-like manner
  • Operate in an environmentally sustainable way
  • Create a working environment that is flexible and adaptable to change
  • Encourage staff and volunteers to be bold, ask questions and develop new ideas
  • Be clear and passionate about the Wildlife Trust's vision
  • Develop and recognise the expertise of staff and volunteers
  • Have clear and consistent policies and messages
  • Learn and share across the organisation, from other Wildlife Trusts and the wider charitable sector